Tony Klein

A native of the Philadelphia area, Tony Klein studied liberal arts at Temple University. In 1994 he joined the firm of Jed Johnson Associates, and under the direction of Jed Johnson, quickly gained a comprehensive knowledge of the design process. It was here that he was formally trained as an interior designer enhancing his sense of color, composition and timeless restraint of understated elegance. He later joined the firm of William Green & Associates, working in architectural, landscape, interior, graphic and furniture design.

Tony’s philosophy is that the needs of each client are realized by thoughtful, collaborative research into lifestyle, geographic location and architecture. In 2004, he joined Eric Cohler as a senior project manager becoming Managing Director in 2006 and is currently the Senior Managing Director for Eric Cohler Design. His background and experience have provided him with the skills necessary to produce consistently comfortable, sophisticated interiors. His practical nature and determined approach assure continuity and steady progress throughout the collaborative process. He adheres to the ideals of design integrity, using the highest quality of materials, as well as, workmanship and the seamless integration of architecture and design.